Sustainable tourism by the Archipelago Sea

Green Start sustainable tourism by the archipelago sea

0.7 design was awarded with a Green Start -label this week. The label is administrated by VisitFinland and PerhoPro, and only companies that have made an action plan for sustainability can use it.

0.7 designフィンランドワークショップについて

0.7 designのVilla Salmiakki

0.7 designフィンランドワークショップについてご紹介します。0.7 designではフィンランドの文化・生活スタイルを感じられるワークショップをご用意しております!現在白樺を使った小物入れ作りや料理体験等があり、作品(料理)はもちろん、忘れられない思い出も作ることができます 🙂

Bicycling along the Coastal Route

bicycling along coastal route

Have you experienced an active holiday by the Archipelago Sea already? Cycling is a great option!


フィンランドのキミト / Santeri Haranto

私は大学のプログラムを通じて2月~3月までの約2か月間、フィンランドのキミトの0.7 designで活動させていただきました。

Terveisiä Isoäidiltä!

Terveisiä Isoäidiltä!

Terveisiä Isoäidiltä! Terveisiä Isoäidiltä – Greetings from Grannies – is a brand created by students of Fukuoka Women’s University while doing their traineeship at 0.7 design. All products sold at Terveisiä Isoäidiltä -shop are made by elderly people living in Finland. Instagram Facebook Twitter 0.7 design Oy Toimittajanpolku 2 25700 Kemiö

Beautiful colors of ruska-autumn in Archipelago

Ruska autumn in the archipelago

The trees begin changing the colors when there are first minus degrees in the night. During this ruska season you can enjoy wonderful color therapy in all imaginable shades of yellow, orange and red that the trees and bushes provide.

Seasonal cooking with mushrooms

Seasonal cooking with mushrooms

Seasonal cooking is one of the Nordic experiences that are available around the year. The season for funnel chanterelles continue until December or so.

Base camp by the Archipelago Sea

Archipelago Sea is a hidden gem as a holiday destination. One of the reasons is that there is not much information about the region available in English.

Birch bark weaving workshop

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MAKEEdesign MAKEEdesign makes pouches, cases and bags out of recycled food wrapping. The woman behind the brand, Päivi Savolainen, is living and working in Hämeenlinna. The brand got started when Päivi’s daughters admired a red and white striped lampshade she had made by their request out of Marianne candy wraps. Makee means sweet, and at […]