Sustainable tourism by the Archipelago Sea

Green Start sustainable tourism by the archipelago sea

The longer the pandemic continues, the higher the travelers value sustainable tourism – consciously or unconsciously. Instead of traveling far to crowded places, people tend to seek themselves to nature destinations nearby their homes. National parks have met numbers of visitors as never before, Archipelago Sea National park being no exception. Lockdowns around the world have forced people to find new activities for their free time, as theaters, concert halls and gyms keep their doors closed. We are lucky to have the doors to the nature always open!

We at 0.7 design are willing to help our guests to enjoy sustainable destinations and activities that might otherwise be unfound or forgotten. We are welcoming our guests to learn to bake local bread or have a walk in the forest with our cat – throughout the year. That way the beauty of the remote archipelago becomes interesting and accessible for travelers, and the local population benefits.

 Early January we made an action plan for our own sustainability. We went through what we are doing already and what we are going to do to be a sustainable tourism organization. Obvious things, such as recycling waste into eight different containers and respecting nature in our activities were listed up with our upcoming sustainability challenges such as organizing a waste picking day with our local community as soon as the snow melts after the long winter.

For its action plan, 0.7 design was awarded with a Green Start -label this week. The label is administrated by VisitFinland and PerhoPro, and only companies that have made an action plan for sustainability can use it.

We are super happy, and invite you all to lovely, sustainable Kimitoön for your next holiday.

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