Seasonal cooking with mushrooms

Seasonal cooking with mushrooms

Summer has been long gone, and my personal favourite, autumn, has arrived! Our nearby forests are filled with edible mushrooms, so the Seasonal cooking -sessions are perfectly suitable for mushroom lovers!

Funnel chanterelle (FIN: suppilovahvero, SWE: trattkantarell) are easy to spot and easy to pick. They are brownish from the top with a yellow, hollow foot. If you find a good spot, your mushroom basket gets filled in no time!

During the Seasonal cooking -sessions we prepare funnel chanterelles mainly to stews, soups and pies. We have standard recipes, but as in home-style cooking in general, variations are allowed!

Even though the cooking, and especially eating parts are nice, the most rewarding part is the mushroom hunting itself. You will feel the soft moss as a trampoline under your feet as well as smell the rain and rotting leaves. You will see beautiful shades of green, brown and yellow in the landscape, before spotting the first mushroom to be picked.

If you accidentally pick up too many mushrooms to be used in cooking session, we will pack the rest for you take back home. We recommend you to dry them out for healthy chips, or for a spice for any food.

Seasonal cooking is one of the Nordic experiences that are available around the year. The season for funnel chanterelles continue until December or so. You have plenty of time to book your experience still for this year.


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