First there was Finnish lifestyle

It all started in Japan around the new millenium. A girl in her early 20s spent a year in Japan and admired the harmony and sense of beauty everywhere. She met people who considered themselves as Finnish lifestyle fans by putting their effort and energy on checking out every event that had something to do with Finland. Having been grown up with a Slavic influence, she realized that the sense of beauty is very much the same in Finland and Japan. She returned home, but a seed had been planted.

She finished her studies in business administration and gained some work experience. However, quite soon she realized that Finland-based designers and artisans needed her support in marketing and selling, much more than the multinationals she had been working for before. She asked around her friends and contacted people in Japan to know if anyone knows anyone who would be interested in Finnish design. She found the first right contacts and established 0.7 design.

0.7 design has been exporting Finnish design since 2007 as one of the first design agencies in Finland. As a founding member of AGMA, Association of Agents and Managers in Creative Industries, 0.7 design has been developing the entire field of professional agencies in Finland. It has been a journey of matching right clients with right customers.

During the years the goods were no longer enough, but the stories behind the goods became more and more important. Also, customers wanted to know more about Finnish lifestyle in general. At the same time the environmental conciousness was rising its head. For 0.7 design this meant that it was time to become an agency for Finnish lifestyle.

So, here we are! We have been organizing a birch bark tour in Japan and craft workshops in Helsinki and Kimito. In our architexture+lifestyle days in Salo and Kimito we visited a local day care center and a designer’s atelier. All these have been tours for groups. Now we open our doors even more widely. From today on we offer Nordic lifestyle experiences for even single travellers making their way to the beautiful Finnish archipelago.

So fear not, and book your experience already today! You will be in good hands, and we will help you with all practicalities.

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