Bicycling along the Coastal Route

bicycling along coastal route

Have you experienced an active holiday already? When cycling around you have an excellent chance to see, feel, smell and hear, to experience, local life. You experience much more than you do when walking or driving by car from one destination to the other.

The popularity of cycle tourism has been growing by the Archipelago Sea as well. Kimitoön got its first long cycling route, Coastal Route, in 2015. As I keep cycling around the year between home and office, both situated along the route, I can guarantee that the number of cyclists have been increasing year by year. 

As Coastal Route is a rather long loop route, it is good to spend several days along the route. If 250 km sound like too much, you can make it shorter by having Salo as your starting point. Then you would cycle just a short loop to Kimitoön and back. That is quite perfect for a weekend trip. Don’t forget to try out our Nordic experiences along the route!

Coastal Route has good network of traditional services along the route. Carfield rents out bicycles which you can drop off to another point of the network. Also, it is easy to find accommodation of all levels, cafés, restaurants and local attractions. The luggage transfer on Coastal Route is available when you book via a travel agent: The Travel Experience has several departure dates during summer.

We can help groups to fix the transportation for your luggage along the Coastal Route for other seasons too. The route is a lovely to ride in spring or autumn followed by the concert of migrating birds. In the winter there is silence, could be snow or rain, and a hot sauna makes you feel relaxed after a day of cycling.

Please don’t hesitate to ask for details.

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