MAKEEdesign makes pouches, cases and bags out of recycled food wrapping. The woman behind the brand, Päivi Savolainen, is living and working in Hämeenlinna. The brand got started when Päivi’s daughters admired a red and white striped lampshade she had made by their request out of Marianne candy wraps. Makee means sweet, and at the same time cool, in Finnish, and that was the word which they used. The leftover wraps Päivi had sewn into a small pouch. The brand was born.

As the material for the pouches, MAKEEdesign uses basically any food wrapping that is made out of plastic or paper, and can be found in a Finnish supermarket: candy papers, soft drink labels, bags for frozen vegetables etc. MAKEEdesign is happy to receive wrapping paper waste from its fans, who send it regularly from around the country.

0.7 design and MAKEEdesign have been collaborating since 2008.

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