Terveisiä Isoäidiltä!

Terveisiä Isoäidiltä!

Terveisiä Isoäidiltä! Terveisiä Isoäidiltä – Greetings from Grannies – is a brand created by students of Fukuoka Women’s University while doing their traineeship at 0.7 design. All products sold at Terveisiä Isoäidiltä -shop are made by elderly people living in Finland. Instagram Facebook Twitter 0.7 design Oy Toimittajanpolku 2 25700 Kemiö info@07design.fi



MAKEEdesign MAKEEdesign makes pouches, cases and bags out of recycled food wrapping. The woman behind the brand, Päivi Savolainen, is living and working in Hämeenlinna. The brand got started when Päivi’s daughters admired a red and white striped lampshade she had made by their request out of Marianne candy wraps. Makee means sweet, and at […]

Patternsfrom Agency

Unique Nordic patterns and solution-oriented design consulting Since 2015 Patternsfrom Agency has supported Finnish textile and surface designers to reach international markets. Nordic style has been popular especially in Japan, but is about to make a global breakthrough. The patterns are sold in .pdf-data, so they fit all kinds of surfaces from wallpapers through stationaries […]

Helsingin Villasukkatehdas

Wollen socks of Helsingin Villasukkatehdas No need to suffer of cold feet anymore, as Helsingin Villasukkatehdas makes warm, long-lasting colorful wollen socks! It is the only place in the world making wollen socks industrially. For companies interested in importing Helsingin Villasukkatehdas socks, we can organize a visit to this charmy factory. Check out www.helsinginvillasukkatehdas.fi. Instagram […]

Kaija Karri

Birch bark items made by Kaija Karri Kaija Karri is a birch bark master living in Eastern Finland. She got to know birch bark in her childhood and has been weaving ever since. As the bark can not be bought in shops, her entire family participates collecting the bark around midsummer. Kaija has been teaching […]